Mystery Number 1

KundaliniThis is the image of Kundalini. I claim it to be the only image of Kundalini made available till date. I have made this image after I saw my own Kundalini. This is how a Kundalini sits and raises its head like a cobra.

The book has been written without fear of getting consumed by the hearsay spread from incomplete understanding of the blind faith of Kundalini. I am trying to urge people to think out of the box when they think about themselves and awakening.

Our Knowledge about Kundalini is in three sentences:

  1. It is a snake like creature.
  2. Kundalini lives in between genital and tail bone.
  3. When it rises, it awakens the beholder of Kundalini.

We know every thing about what happens from Kundalini. But we know nothing about Kundalini, which is at the center of all the esotericism, occult, tantra, paranormal and shaktism.

The book is not trying to criticize the faith in Kundalini and related practices. I am seeking to answer the  questions that came to me with scientific explanations. Our understanding about Kundalini is based on mythology more and less scientific explanation. I have chosen the Title" MYSTERY # 1" for my book.

It is a mystery because it is like a planet inside our own bodily solar system.  The thought that a snake like creature lives inside my body and it does something to me that awakens my hidden faculties makes me uncomfortable. The initial thought is followed by a shivering in my spine and the perception of the shivering grows as a desire in my head to find out more about this creature which lives inside me. A fear with helplessness comes with it after I find out that it moves up my spine and reaches my head. The desire to unfold this Mystery #1 grows stronger every second. This is not weakened by fear, negligence, temptation, hardship or other thing that might be caused by the fire serpent. The book explains what we know about Kundalini, what we do not Know about Kundalini and What are the possible explanations about what we do not know. It will change your Perception and the way you think.

About the author:
Dr. Sam
Dr. Samarth Singh
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The Author is a practicing physician and a healthcare graduate. He was born in the Foot Hills of Himalayas in Nepal. He was brought up in Kathmandu. After schooling he went to Bangladesh where he became a physcian. He practiced medicine for a couple of years and went to United States. He graduated in MBA-Healthcare from University of Findlay, Ohio. During his academics he had an opportunity of living with Muslims and Christians for a considerable period of time. Not to forget his birthplace Nepal, which was until recently a Hindu nation. Nepal also has a strong Buddhist culture. He considers his multi-religious exposure an invaluable asset. His father is a physician and they come from a family of Rajputs. He inherits his family history from the princely state of Rajasthan, India.They migrated to Nepal about 400 yrs ago.

Mystery # 1 is Dr. Sam's first book.